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5.0 star rating

Roger is one of those guys you rarely find in this industry. He has done paintless dent repair exclusively for 15 years, works alone to maintain top quality results and keeps abreast of the industry and newer technology. Highly professional, exacting and honest, he communicates clearly and will be up front if your ding can't be fixed or if he feels the results will not meet your expectations.

He's done many dings for me as I work in the auto restoration business and cannot begin to recommend him enough. Yelp needs a six star rating...

5.0 star rating

DentFree is truly the best in the business. My last experience, when Roger was able to fix a bad paintless dent repair job done to my car, was my second time using Roger and he turned me into a lifetime customer who will never, ever consider any other PDR shop again!

The story: I had the unfortunate experience of purchasing a used car from a high end dealership where they promised to remove a large dent and there'd be no signs of prior damage because they'd use their high end PDR shop. Trusting the dealership (my first mistake!) I agreed to purchase the car before the dent was repaired (but with a Due Bill for the paintless dent repair). 

So I dropped my car off the next week expecting my car would be returned flawless. When I picked up the car, to my horror and dismay, the dent repair was obviously visible, with terrible looking push marks (looks like pimples) where the dent used to be. As a perfectionist and car enthusiast, the work was completely unacceptable and I made it known to the dealership. The salesman offered to redo the work with an actual body shop this time (paint, blending, etc.) but I didn't want to take the risk and trust any other shops they considered to be the best again.

I told them I luckily knew Roger and I prayed he'd be able to repair the damage the dealership's PDR shop did. Long story short, Roger spent 4 hours fixing the bad job the dealership had done to my car and now it's flawless. 

Thank you Roger for being a perfectionist!

5.0 star rating

Roger is Hands Down one the most professional, meticulous, friendly, people I've ever met. I have been going to see Roger for many years for miscellaneous dents my car as well as my wife's car have accrued over time. I have Rogers phone number locked into my personal cell because he is my "Go To" guy when it comes to dents/damage to my vehicles. 

Roger always responds to phone messages in an expeditious manner. He is extremely articulate and a professional in every aspect. I am extremely meticulous and borderline OCD with how perfect I like things to be. Once I found Roger years ago I knew right away he exceeded my expectations!

Roger will give you a very reasonable estimate and the pride he takes in his work is clearly evident when you watch him work!  I had a lifted Ford F-250 truck a few years ago that somebody side swiped and then drove away.  I was beyond frustrated.  I called Roger and he set an appointment for me to see him the very same day!  So off I went to Rogers house in hopes he could once again create some magic to my damaged vehicle. Two hours into working ever so diligently on my truck he stopped, shook his head and said, "I can't charge you what I quoted you because the final result will not meet my expected standards."  Now I must tell you this, I am by no means nearly as gifted at fixing damaged vehicles like Roger. I do however have pretty good eyesight. I looked at my truck and I was completely happy with what he had already done and like I said earlier, I'm a freaking OCD perfectionist!!!  Needless to say, Roger continued working on my truck another 30-45 minutes and I was completely in awe and satisfied with the end result.  I obviously expressed my gratitude and I ended up paying him the same amount he originally quoted me because I felt his job was 100% perfect!  

My point is this, not only is Roger an artist at his craft, he's a friendly, professional, and most importantly an HONEST man.

My apologies Roger for taking so long to finally give you a Yelp review after all of these years.   I hope this review shows you how appreciative I have always been of your work and overall professionalism.  You are the man my friend!!

A life long satisfied customer
Kenny B

5.0 star rating

Roger does excellent work.
I saw how clean and organized this guy keeps his garage, and I knew my car was in good hands. He normally is "mobile" and offers to bring his services to you, but he just had knee surgery and asked if I could come to his place. I'm very glad he asked, and I'm very glad I went. 

He repaired all of the car dents while my girlfriend and I took our dog on a walk.
He did it all for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time that the body-shops quoted me. (And I got to keep my factory paint.)

Great guy.
Great Service.
Highly Recommended.

5.0 star rating

Where do I start!  Soon after purchasing it I put a major dent in my new Chevy Suburban. I finally got off my keester and hit up my local auto-body shop and got an estimate.  They quoted me $2100 which was hard to swallow.  

I had heard about dents being repaired by "popping" them out so I decided to investigate further.  I found Roger online and decided to send and email after seeing his before and after photos of his work.  I was blown away! It was a Saturday and he promptly called me and said he had time to see me.  I went to his home in San Leandro and he took a look at the dent.  He gave me an $800 quote which was almost 1/3 of the auto body place and said he could do it then and there.  It wasn't a good time for me and I needed to wait for my tax return to come back so I said I would email him when I was ready.

Fast forward several weeks and I was ready to reconnect with him.  I was sitting around having breakfast with my family, I called him up as we had nothing going on.  He said he would be over in an hour. Awesome service.

He hit traffic so he called me to let me know (which I appreciated) and when he got here he got right to work.  Before he started he said it wouldn't be "perfect" but he thought he could get it close.  He also said that if he started and it wasn't working out or he thought he couldn't remove the dent to his liking (he said he was a perfectionist) he would not charge me.  From the looks of his website I could tell it was a pretty major dent.

I asked him if I could watch him work for a little bit as I was interested in the process, and he was very friendly with both me and my two daughters.  He must have spent 4 hours on the job and made friends with my gardner and everyone who walked by (as I said, very friendly!)  Upon seeing the final product I was blown away.  He does amazing work, was extremely honest and professional and takes major pride in his work.  I imagine some people might be cheaper but the extra amount is well worth.  

This guy rules.

5.0 star rating

I emailed Roger (and a few other recommended dent repair guys) a photo of my dent. Everyone other than Roger told me that I needed to go to a body shop. Roger was wasn't sure if he could fixed it, but offered to give it a try. Amazingly enough, Roger was able to fix it and my car looked like new again!! I highly recommend him.

5.0 star rating

My 2004 Volvo s60 had a dent that three other dent removal places said they weren't sure if they could fix. Then I found about DentFree. After sending Roger a photo of my dent, he encouraged me to bring my car to his shop. He took a careful look at the dent, noted that it might be challenging to fix--but then he made it DISAPPEAR. 
If you have a dent on your car, and you want it fixed quickly and for a fraction of the price a body shop would charge, DentFree is the place to go.

5.0 star rating

Roger handles his business with extreme professionalism and accountability.  He does his work with tremendous skill and finesse.  It's nice to know you can feel confident that when the work is complete your car will be perfect, and I would classify Roger as a perfectionist. He's also very personable and took extra time to answer a bunch of my questions and to buff out various scratches around my car.  I would highly recommend his services without reservation.

5.0 star rating

If your Internet search for "Mobile dent repair" has led you here, then rest assured you need not look any further than DentFree. 
Roger is a true professional in every sense of the word. From his friendly demeanor, to the unparalleled artistic skills he possesses (and yes, this IS an art. Watch him work and you'll agree) his service is Top-Shelf all the way.
I think what will impress you the most is his attention to detail. When you're 100%satisfied with a service someone provides you now-a-days, you consider yourself lucky. But when that provider is even more demanding of his own results than you are, you have truly found something special.
And if you're reading this, no doubt you've read a review from folks who think Rogers prices might be a bit steep, I urge you to call some "others". You'll find Rogers prices are very competitive. You'll also find however that the "others" reviews are NOT. Of course another alternative would be a body shop. Simply add another zero on to whatever price Roger quotes you and your dent will be fixed. Course, not in a couple of hours...or at your house...or job... or while you're watching.
Make the call. You will be AMAZED at the results. 

By the way, the car I brought Roger was a 44 year-old musclecar with heavy sheet metal body panels. He accepted the challenge. And he knocked it out of the park.
It's perfect!

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